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Artificial Intelligence is finally maturing and finding applications in all aspects of our lives including in autonomous driving, cancer cell detection, and intelligent home devices. The amount of data being generated, gathered, analyzed, and mined has successfully resulted in meaningful automated actions in all industries. Reduction in the cost of data storage devices, easy accessibility of the cloud-based data stores through fast Internet connections and with the ever-increasing compute power, unimaginable 30+ years ago has certainly fueled the widespread use of data-based decisionmaking . This has been instrumental in making the machines become helpful aids… Read Article →

The world is evolving at a faster rate than any of our ancestors could have imagined. If you could have told anyone living around 30 years back that the world is going to be like this in 2018 then for sure they would have thought of you as joking. However, it is now a reality that technologically we are developing at such a rate that it appears quite shocking and unbelievable at first. Like anything, technology also has its own boon and bane. Almost every sector is switching over to digital. So, why should Healthcare… Read Article →

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